Joining in prayer with the One who is able to bring healing to those in need.
James 5: 16; "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. " NKJV.

July 20, 2014:

Our Prayer: Heavenly Father: Thank you so much for the opportunity to worship before you, and to be blessed with your presence. We know that you are the giver and sustainer of all things in the heavens and unearth. We thank You for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ who loved us and died for us that we might be called children of the Living God. We know that You are aware of every petition and request that is made of You, and every need that all the peoples and  nations have. We ask You that You consider our petitions for healing and recovery according to Your will for each person that we bring before You. We know that You, who sees the circumstances of all of us, and who pours out Your grace and mercy on us with many blessings that none of us are worthy of. We thank you so much for that everlasting kindness and love that You have for all of Your children. And we thank You for each beautiful day that You allow each of us, to share the many blessings that You supply, so let us rejoice in this day that You have given us by honoring You in all that we do. May Your name be praised forever and Your will redone for all of those we have lifted up to You. We ask all these things in the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

As each of you who reads the prayer list. Please take a moment to look at each name and lift them up to the Lord. We know that He hears our prayers, for His compassion and healing, and it just might be the one that our Lord is waiting to hear from a caring and gentle heart that has compassion for others. Along with the prayers for those who are struggling, we have good news for some on the list and sad news for others. Please read over the prayer list and pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and for those who live in the darkness of the world that His will be done and all things come about in His perfect timing.

Paul Collins: Paul continues to face the problems with both kidneys and liver.  Not only is the dialysis required three times a week, but the fluid from his liver has to be drained every two weeks.  Also; Concerning his diabetes, the blood circulating is very poor, and the only way it help it is to lie down when his legs bother him. Please continue to pray that God's will be done for all of his ailments that he deals with, and for His salvation to be accomplished by the Lord.

Art and Carolyn Patton continue to battle the medical problems that they have endured for so long. Art with diabetes, and Carolyn with the recurring cancer that she suffers from. Also; My Son-in-law Tim Patton is doing very well after taking the medication for his heart. The rest of the family is doing well at this time. Their is not any changes to be made concerning Art and Carolyn. So please keep them in prayer for the difficulties that their going through and seek God's perfect will to be done in their lives.
Tom & Betty Johnson: Tom and Betty seem to be doing well. Tom is much better after his stay in the hospital, and Betty is doing well with her asthma medication. Keep them in your prayers, and we  thank God for His grace and mercy toward them. 

Don Young: Founder and Head of the hands of Hope ministry in Winchester continues to battle migraines that have troubled him for more  than three and a half years. Still the doctors have found no cure. Lift up a special prayer, asking  the Lord to strengthen him during these times of difficulty. He has experienced some difficult times in the past with his balance that keeps him down. But his faith and trust in God is strong and he continues in thanksgiving to the Lord for his daily blessings. Thanking God daily for Christ in his life. What a wonderful testimony. And he thanks all of you who lift him up in prayer. Continue in prayer that God will bless him in His perfect timing giving him hope that God will enable him to keep up with the ministry (Hands of Hope), that the Lord has blessed him and Sherry with and bring wellness to him and relief from the devastating migraines that he experiences.

Michael Kenney: Continue in prayer for Michaels salvation, that He will obey the word of God that he knows so well, and for his and Jess's upcoming marriage on August 30th. Praying that together they will seek the Lord, and let His knowledge and wisdom guide their decisions. Raising the children in the knowledge of the Lord.

Howard McDonald: Please continue with Howard and his wife, as they have need of added spiritual strength to help them through their grief over the lose of his wife's father.  Please lift Howard up in prayer for and unspoken request. At the current time he is away from work, and it will probably be sometime before he can return. Continue to keep him in prayer that the Lord grant him strength and healing according to God's will for his life, and the difficulties that are both personal and physical in nature.

Layne Foley: Please continue in prayer for Layne's salvation. Also; That God's will be done in Layne's life according to His perfect will and for the hope that he has of obtaining a donor heart. Even though Layne is doing well health wise he is not yielding himself to the call of the Lord. Pray that God in His perfect way will open the heart and the eyes of Layne to His mighty presence. Making him realize that he needs Jesus as his Savior.

Melanie Foley, God has blessed Melanie in that she is doing as good as can be expected. Her test on the carted artery came back normal.  Praying always for her salvation in the Lord, and the struggle that concerns her heart.

Jack Wampler: Pastor Jack continues with the test for the many difficulties that he is having, We thank God that in all these things that the Lord is with the Pastor. We thank God for his years of service concerning the congregation at SFSBC. The service today was conducted by Associate Pastor Layne Dezan, and was from James 5: 11-17; concerning the prayer of righteous men that it avails much. We ask for continued prayer for the Wampler and Miller families and all of those who are members of the family's because of the difficulties they are facing at this time. Steve Miller who is still in the hospital, and others who have difficulties.

Polly Wampler Polly has a number of difficulties with her shoulder and knees. Please continue in prayer that  Polly finds strength in the presence of God in her life each day as she waits for His will to be done.

Layne Dezan: Layne is suffering from a form of maculiar degeneration in his right eye. Layne is improving quite well because of his successful endeavors at lowering his sugar that he suffers from. Continue to pray for Layne as he deals with these burdens that has come to him, that God's will be done in his life. We would like to thank Layne for bringing the message at church this mornings.
 Also for Andrea Dezan as she is a member of the Wampler and Miller families.

St. Jude’s Hospital: Let us not cease to pray for the children at St Jude's and the families that are there with their children and the treatments that their children are in need of. We thank God for His blessings and all of the prayers that you lift up for each one of the children at St. Jude's. For those doctors, nurses and care givers who work at St Jude's are a blessing that God has provided for His little ones.
Karen Stafford: Karen has been burdened with cancer for several years, and now the doctors have told her that she has stomach cancer. The treatment for the cancer is going well and at this time their is no need for further surgery.f We ask that God's will be done in her life. We thank God that the healing does not require surgery and that it is being done according to the will of God concerning Karen.

Nicole Melvin: Nicole's brain tumors have began to grown again, and so the doctor's have decided to go ahead with surgery, to see if they can remove them along with the cancer that she suffers from. Pray for God's hand to be on the hands of the surgeons, and that ;they accomplish God's plan for her life.
At this time we do not know the date for the surgery, but that it must come, co continue to pray for Nicole that whatever God's will that it take place.

Peggy Butler who went through a Colonoscopy had some pollups, and it was determined that she would need cancer surgery, but now they have postponed it because they have found spots in her lungs. While she is going through with these difficulties pray that  she will be able to deal with these things, through the strength of the Lord in her life.

Jennifer and Nora Collins: Sadly we report that the treatment that Jennifer is receiving is not going very well, and the doctors now consider it to be terminal, but let us always remember that God is in control, and it is His will and not our will that will be done.  Let us pray that God will steer the doctors to a better type of treatment, but let us also pray that in all things that God's perfect will be done. There is no new updates on Nora's treatment at this time. Only time will tell what will happen in the lives of the two sisters. We ask the Lord that His will be done in both of their lives, and we know that all prayers for the sisters will be greatly appreciated by both family and friends. We ask for continued prayer for the sisters, and strength to endure these struggles. There are no updates for this week.

Steve Miller: Since the cancer surgery, Steve was released and then was required to return to the hospital because of and infection. After the doctors brought him out of the induced coma, he could not breath on his on, so this week they did a a trachodomy and now he is able to breath on his con. Please continue to pray for Steve and the family for God's will to be done  and that he be returned to good health according to the will and purpose of the Lord.

Chiyoko  Ishiki, Sciatic Nerve condition. Doing well and is able to fellowship with her brothers and sisters in Christ at the FSBCH. She is still going strong, and her faith in the Lord does not waiver.

Amanda Powell: Amanda is currently  at Fort Sam Houston Texas., for her advance training as a dental technician. So let us ask that she be strengthened through her faith. And that she continues to ask the Lord that He strengthen her in her times of need as she goes through  the mental and physical rigors that are required to complete her military training.  She is now scheduled to finish her training on 30/31 July. Pray that God strengthens her for this.

Also; Let our prayers be lifted up for all of the remaining members of the Armed Forces who remain in service to our country, that no matter where they are that they be strengthened by the presence of Holy God in their lives. Also;; Pray that  the Chaplains be strong in proclaiming the Holy Scriptures, even though they are being told not to preach in the name of Jesus for fear of offending someone from another religion. Pray that they be like the Apostles Peter and John when they had to face the synagogue leaders in Jerusalem that they will preach and teach in the name of Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father in Heaven and for the well being of all our soldiers.

Ted Williams and family: Ted is able to drive, and has a new job. Please continue in prayer for Ted that he be restored to the strength and healing for his afflictions to the Glory of the Lord. Nothing to new to share this week.

Ray McKorkle:  Bladder surgery was done of Ray's bladder, and three tumors where removed. Ray is doing well at this time.  Continue to pray that  God's will once again be accomplished in Ray's life, and for the difficulties that he is having that Ray will  be blessed by the hand of the Lord and that God heal him from these infirmities according to His perfect will for Ray's life. 
Hilda Bowman: Hilda is doing well since the cancer surgery. Please continue in prayer, that God's will, will be done as she goes through the healing process from the cancer surgery. For at the age of 94, God is watching over her, according to His will and way for her. And her faithfulness in the Lord Jesus, and that she is complete in her trust in Him.

Lila E. Eaton: Lila was operated for the stomach cancer. Now she is at the linncare nursing facility because she had difficulty in eating on her on.  Keep Ms. Lila in prayer that God's will be done for Her and that It might be according to His plans, that He will return her to the fellowship with her brothers and sisters in Christ at SFSBC.
Connie Funk: A former member of the Heritage Hall nursing home has been to have cancer, and that their is nothing known at this time how it will be treated. Pray for God's will to be accomplished and that His grace and mercy be extended to her. No new updates this week. 
Audrey Corbit: Ms. Audrey was released from the hospital, and is at home after it was found that she had kidney stones. She was not feeling well enough to attend church today.  Pray that God will have His perfect will in Ms. Audrey's life. 
TA and Shirley Testerman: TA is doing well at the time being. Shirley was released and went home this past Tuesday from the Linn Care nursing facility,  she will now continue her rehabilitation at the Valley Health Facility twice a week.  Continue in prayer, thanking God that His will be done, and that TA and Shirley will be blessed according to God's will, and that they to will be a blessing to those that God leads them to.

Kim Lee: A special prayer request for Mrs. Kim Lee.  Let us pray that Kim's eyes be opened for what the Lord would have her see that are the difficulties that she is facing and what His will would be for her to get through them, and that God's way is the best way, and that she would place herself in His hands knowing that if she will walk with Him her troubles may not disappear, but that she will find the peace of God that He has intended for her to be fulfilled with.  Continue in prayer that she will yield to the presence of God for her salvation, and that He will strengthened her according to the needs that she is facing,. Pray also for her two children David and Lindsey that God would lead them through Dan and Maggie there grandparents who love them very much. Pray that in her troubles that she will seek  the Lord,  and that God would lead her to this verse of Scripture that can give her encouragement  that the words of the Lord Jesus will bless her with; "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26. NKJV. For without prayer we struggle, but with God, He will carry us through. Continue to remember Kim and her children, in prayer.

Dan Fritts.  The knee surgery that Dan had on Thursday was a success, and he is walking well, and with very little. God is good all the time, and Dan knows and acknowledges that the blessings he receives comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and is trusting in Him to carry him through the time that it takes for the complete recovery from the surgery on his upper lumbar region of his spine. We thank God that He has allowed success in the past surgeries and we pray for God's perfect will to be done in the future surgeries. We thank God for Dan and Maggie who are faithful members of the SFSBC and that our Lord continues to bless and use both of them according to His will, and with strength and wellness in their lives.

Charles Lipsett.  We now know that his visit to the hospital that the tumors did not decrease in size, so now they will try a new medication to see if that will work toward reducing the tumors, If it is successful this medication will cut off the blood supply that cause the tumors to grow.   No matter what, we know Charles and his family  will continue with their trust in the Lord. Let us pray for God's will to be done with those who are caring for him and making those decisions, that God grants them wisdom and discernment to accomplish the task that is before them and that it is the best for Charles according to the will of God.
Lester Horton: Pastor Lester and Miss Lottie were there for the Friday service at Heritage Hall on Friday. Brother Earl and myself were their to do the singing, and we had and enjoyable service.  Please continue in prayer for each one of the residents at Heritage Hall that God will bless them and nurture them according to His will and purpose for each one. Also: Prayerfully pray for Preacher and Ms. Lottie as our hearts will lead us this week. That they be strengthen according to His will for their lives.

Miles Robinson: Let us continue to pray for Mile's well being since he has experienced a lot of difficulties since he underwent surgery in the fall of last year. So please pray that Miles will be a strong tower of strength for himself and his family, and that God in His perfect will and timing will restore Miles to good health. Pray that the Word of God be a strength in his life at this time.

Johanna Pangle: Johanna struggles with a nervous condition called Piriformis Syndrome. She is a very energetic young women who loves the Lord. Pray for an unspoken request concerning her family.  Pray that God's will be accomplished in her life and that His perfect will be done.

Jim Smith: Even though we know that Jim's recovery is a long one. Pray that if it be the will of God that he be freed from the cancer remain cancer free. Lift him up that as he goes through the recovery, that his physical strength return to him.  We ask that everyone continue to keep Jim and April in prayer as he continues to be healed by the Lord from his cancer.  Even though this has weakened him physically, it has not weaken him spiritually. He does not let it get him down, because he knows that the Lord is with him in these difficult times.  Pray that God's will be done for Jim, for we know that our brothers faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will carry him thru all of these hardships no matter what the outcome may be
Randy Miller: Who suffered a stomach anger ism continues in the slow recovery from his surgery, but it is now believed that he has the same problem in his kidney. Let us continue in prayer thanking God that he spared Randy through His marvelous grace, and that Randy  would walk strongly and faithfully in the sight of God, and that his recovery from this surgery be complete, and that the new problem with his kidney be watched over by the Lord, and that His will be done here also.

Richard Theimer:  Let us ask that God's hand be on Richard as he endures the struggle that goes on in his body, and that God's will be done. For to do less than to trust in God at a time like this would be foolishness on those who hold him close to their hearts. Continue to pray for the strength that only our Father in Heaven can provide.

Bill Durko:  Bill has come out of the coma that resulted from the stroke and he has been able to speak a few words and take some steps. Let us thank the Lord for His blessing, and continue to pray that the family can find peace in God's presence and that Bill along with them  endure during this trying time. Also; If their be any further treatment that would help in any way let us lift our prayers that God will watch over him through them. And that the Lord be with the treatments and all those who are the care givers. We have no new updates to share at this time.

Carlton Lee: Carlton is doing very well after the surgery, and we continue to ask the Lord to renew him according to His will for him, and  that God's will be done, and that his family and himself be comforted in this time of struggle in his life. Continue in prayer for Carlton, and we will update his condition as soon as possible.

Earl Wade: Earl has been diagnosed with third stage lung cancer. I'm not sure what this means, but I know that any kind of cancer is not to be taken lightly. At this time I don't know what type of treatment it will require, but please keep Earl and his family in your prayers that God's will be done, and that the knowledge and wisdom that the doctors need will be shared with them. Please continue to pray for Earl, that whatever befalls him during this time of struggle
that he will place his trust entirely in the hands of the Lord. No new updates concerning Earl at this time.

Rev. Amos Richardson: A dear friend of Pastor Horton who went through surgery earlier this week in Baltimore, Md. Pray for the success of the surgery, and the healing of Rev. Richardson according to the will of God. We have no update concerning the surgery, so please continue in prayer for him, until his struggle be cared for by the hands of the Lord. their is nothing new to report at this time. 

Thank God with me for His blessings that are continuing to come my way and that God will continue my growth in the Body of Christ, making me spiritually strong in the Lord to do His will in my life. Daily I thank God for the return of my strength and blessings that He continues to shower me with.  Just remember that no matter what the path we have to follow while we live here in this world that God has Promised, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

Ora Bullock: A wonderful godly friend for many years is now bedridden, with a cracked hip, and the doctors have yet determined on the course of action they will take, partly because of her age. But we know that she trust in the Lord for all of her needs, and that no matter what, her faith will not wavier. So let us ask God to bless her according to His will and His loving kindness toward us. I will seek to have and update for you next week, in the meantime keep praying for Ora, she is a sweet and wonderful lady of the Lord.
To everyone who reads these posts, and prays for all who are on the Prayer List, let them rejoice in the Lord and give to Him the praise that His name is deserving of. For God is good, and He is good all the time. AMEN.

Also; It is my hope and prayer that if anyone of you, who are facing difficulties in your life, that no matter what, you will put your hope and trust in the Lord, letting His name be praised. And for those who don't know Him as there Savior, let them seek His face that they be saved, strengthened, and redeemed, by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN. 

To God be the Glory. We thank God for each bit of good news for the people on the prayer list. We know that His presence has endowed the Doctors to know and make the wise decisions that cover the treatments for each one on the prayer list and all others who are facing afflictions in their lives, and we know that God is at work in each of the lives on the prayer list granting them a part of His infinite grace and continuing to bless the doctors with the knowledge and wisdom that they need so that they can share with us the very best that we are granted  the best of care by the grace and mercies of our Lord.

I thank the Lord for each bit of good news that we   receive for each person, and the changes that have occurred  in each of their lives. I also thank the Lord for His presence with us whether in life or death, because we know that in all things the will of God is perfect. AMEN.

Let this be a special prayer for our nation, that our leaders, no matter who they are, that they will be convicted through the righteousness of God's word, and be reminded that the Lord is Master over all things and that they would understand that He is the one who has given them authority to govern the people of this Nation. And let this be not for political leaders only, but all leaders; Spiritual, Business, Military, and all those who serve that they will seek the Lord. Also; Let it be known that as Christians and citizens we should be setting an example for others to see and follow, so that we can have a truly God fearing, God following relationship with God for our country once again. AMEN.

Continue to proclaim the name of Jesus all throughout the year, that He be lifted up. For Jesus has said; If we confess Him before men, He will confess us before His Father who is in heaven. And if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before His Father who is in heaven.  In all these things, let us give God the glory. AMEN.

Remember this page is for anyone who is suffering or having problems that you would like prayer for. Or if you have a praise report thanking God, for a blessing for your life or someone you know, we will be glad to add it in. Just plan on getting the requests in by Fridays if at all possible, and I will do my best to see that they are added on the following weeks  prayer list beginning on Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Leonard A. Young
Administrator and Editor
The Gospel Ministry Prayer List.

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