Joining in prayer with the One who is able to bring healing to those in need.
James 5: 31; "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. " NKJV.
July, 26,  2015:
Our Prayer: Heavenly Father: Thank you so much for the opportunity to worship before you, and to be blessed with your presence. We know that you are the giver and sustainer of all things in the heavens and on earth. We thank You for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ who loved us and died for us that we might be called children of the Living God. We know that You are aware of every petition and request that is made of You, and every need that all the peoples and  nations have. We ask You that You consider our petitions for healing and recovery according to Your will for each person that we bring before You. We know that You, who see the circumstances of all of us, and who pours out Your grace and mercy on us with many blessings that none of us are worthy of. We thank you so much for that everlasting kindness and love that You have for all of Your children. And we thank You for each beautiful day that You allow each of us, to share the many blessings that You supply, so let us rejoice in this day that You have given us by honoring You in all that we do. May Your name be praised forever and Your will be done for all of those we have lifted up to You. We ask all these things in the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
As each of you who reads the prayer list. Please take a moment to look at each name and lift them up to the Lord. We know that He hears our prayers, for His compassion and healing, and it just might be the one that our Lord is waiting to hear from a caring and gentle heart that has compassion for others. Along with the prayers for those who are struggling, we have good news for some on the list and sad news for others. Please read over the prayer list and pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and for those who live in the darkness of the world that His will be done and all things come about in His perfect timing.
Paul Collins: Paul continues to face the problems with both kidneys and liver.  Not only is the dialysis required three times a week. Because of new medication to help with his liver. Also; Concerning his diabetes, the blood circulating is very poor, and the only way to help  is to lie down when his legs bother him. He got good news from a spot on the side of his foot, and on the bottom on Friday, the doctor said they look much better. The results of the broken elbow that he suffered last week, are going to be a long road to recovery, because of the plates and other hardware that they used to set it straight.  However; He is getting stronger, and he is able to get up and do some things for himself, but he needs constant help each day. Please continue to pray that God's will be done for all of his ailments, and that God deals with him concerning his salvation.
Art and Carolyn Patton continue to battle the medical problems that they have endured for so long. However; Art and Carolyn are doing good. And I'm glad to say that Carolyn is getting around very well. Art and Carolyn both appreciate the prayers that are lifted up for them,  so just keep the prayers coming. Also; Carolyn just had her 88th birthday, so lift her up in prayer and thank God for this year. 
Tom & Betty Johnson: Tom seems to be doing well. Betty is doing well, and they have changed the diagnosis from COPD, to an extremely harsh form of Bronchial disease that is just as bad as COPD and requires the same type of treatment. Considering all of the things that Betty has endured this year, she is doing very well, and the treatment seems to be going well. It does take a lot of energy for her to get around so pray that God will strengthen her in the things that she has need of. Also; Pray that the power and peace of God will continue to comfort her during her struggle.  Keep Tom in prayer for he needs his strength so that he can be a calming assurance to Betty during this ordeal. Pray for the family that they be strong during this battle. They continue to do well, Keep them in prayer before the Lord. 
Don Young: Founder and Head of the hands of Hope ministry in Winchester continues to battle sickness that was caused by migraines that have troubled him for four years. Still the doctors have found no cure. Don battles the difficulties with a strong determination. For all of you who know and love him, give him a call, or a text letting him know that your thinking of him. Let us continue to thank the Lord who has enabled him to keep up with the ministry (Hands of Hope), that the Lord has blessed him and Sherry with and continue in prayer that the doctors find what has been troubling him for so long, and bring wellness to him and relief from the devastating illness that he deals with each day. We continue to pray that God's will be done for him, and what ever comes, we know that it will be according to the Lord.
Michael and Jess Kenney: Let us pray that God will guide the family of Michael and Jess, and that He would turn their hearts toward Him, that they might come to the knowledge of the Lord, and that along with the children they will seek His name for their salvation.
Lonnie Stenulson:  Lonnie received the liver transplant that he needed, and is recovering very well.  We know that it will take sometime for the healing process to be completely done.  Pray and thank God for providing in His perfect timing.  

Layne Foley: Please continue in prayer for Layne's salvation. Layne is doing much better this week, but that doesn't change his circumstances, he still needs the transplant.  Pray for his transplant, unless he receives a heart transplant the doctors have said that he is in the Lord's hands. And for all believing Christians we know that he has and continues to be in the Lord's hands. We pray that the will of God be done for Him and not that of his own. Pray that God in His perfect way will open the heart and the eyes of Layne to His mighty presence. Making him realize that he needs Jesus as his Savior. Let us continue to pray for God's strength to hold him until they find a donor or that God would heal him. His eyes continue to do well after the eye surgery that he had a couple weeks ago. Pray for His wife Diana who has watched over him and cared for him all this time. Also; Pray also for good results for a kidney test that he must take. Please pray for his mother Loretta Collins who is the wife of Paul who is a diabetic, and is on the list for a kidney, and the two of them are in a struggle for their lives, and she needs prayers to encourage and support her. About the same for the time being.
Robbie Foley: Robbie is having problems with the two lower vertebrae in his spine and is going to see a neurosurgeon. Robbie continues to wait on the appointment with neurosurgery to see what they will recommend for his back.  Pray that Robbie would seek the Lord for His will to be done, and for his salvation.
Melanie Foley: Has been struggling with a lot of problems with her teeth, and the doctors won't do anything with them because she has some heart problems. Sadly to say these problems cause some unsightly facial problems Now with the new Chemotherapy for the skin cancer Mel is experiencing some nausea. Let us pray that this will be the last set of chemotherapy that will be required. Melanie is thankful that the chemo has not taken her hair. Continue to pray that she will find the doctor who can work on the teeth, and be able to go around the heart problems that she has.
Jack Wampler: Pastor Jack is struggling with his back now and its giving him a lot of problems, but we thank the Lord that he was at church this morning, and we enjoyed our fellowship with him.  We enjoy his company when he is their.  Even though Jack is no longer the Pastor, and we are looking for a new one, he continues to be an important part of the SFSBC. Let us pray for Pastor Jack that throughout his latter years that he will receive a reward of rest and fulfillment for the many years that he has stood before the Lord as Pastor at SFSBC.
Polly Wampler Polly is struggling with her hip now, and the doctors are trying to work with her to see what is causing it.  Please continue in prayer that  Polly finds strength in the presence of God for her life each day for the things she is in need of. as she waits for God's  will to be done. 
Lane Dezan:  Lane was at church this morning and participated in the prayer portion of the service. Also: He has been invited to preach at the Zion Baptist Church in Round Hill, VA, next Sunday morning.

St. Jude’s Hospital: Let us not cease to pray for the children at St Jude's and the families that are there with their children and the treatments that their children are in need of. We thank God for His blessings and all of the prayers that you lift up for each one of the children at St. Jude's. For those doctors, nurses and care givers who work at St Jude's are a blessing that God has provided for His little ones. Let us always remember these little ones in our prayers.

Steve, Carol, and Ted Williams: Concerning Ted and his appointment with the neurosurgery department at the Hospital, they inserted some probes into the side of his head to gather information concerning all the problems that he had from a work accident a few years ago. When they get the results, they will let him know if it requires surgery.  Betty Fiske, Steve's sister has scheduled a meeting with the family this month, to let them know what her options are. We ask that you keep Steve Carol and their family in prayer. And that God in His perfect timing and will, grant them rest and comfort, during these trying times. returning them to us in His perfect timing.

Ray McKorkle: Ray; Has a spot on the backside of his leg that may have come from the chemotherapy treatments that he had, and the doctor is going to look at it this week.
Jr. Wetsill: Jr. continues in need of prayer for the difficulties in his life. Difficulties that come on us as we grow older in life. Now we have learned that his eyesight is failing. Pray for the Hand of God to be with Him in these hard times.

Hilda Bowman: Ms. Hilda who is 95 is a blessing to everyone around her with her energy. She continues with  her regular routine, even though she is blind, she gets around a lot better than some sighted people. It is God's blessings and care for her.  We also thank God for her daughter Betty who came and stayed for the service last Sunday, Betty cares for her mother very much and attends to her needs their at Heritage Hall.
Bob Smallwood: Bob is having difficulty with the partial amputation of his foot. Bob had the second skin graft, but as of yet it hasn't showed any  results, because of his diabetes.  Continue to keep him in prayer.

Lila E. Eaton: With sadness of heart I must share with you that Ms. Lila has lost her fight with all the struggles, but she has gone to be with the Lord, She pasted away in her sleep yesterday morning at home. We asked all of you to lift up the Eton family and all of the extended family, that they may know that Ms. Lila has gone to be with the Lord and that she is no longer suffering or struggling.

Audrey Corbett: Ms. Audrey is seeking prayer for and ulcer that she has developed, and an upcoming cataract surgery that has as of this time not been scheduled. She is doing well, and we surely do miss her as a regular participant at church.  However; At this time it doesn't appear that  Ms. Audrey will be returning to Front Royal, We hope that it does come to pass, but until then please drop her a line at the following address. This is her new address and phone # if you have the opportunity to drop her a note or give her a call.   351 Hickory Drive, Luray, VA. 22835. Or call at 540-843-0928  Take a moment to call and wish her well.

TA and Shirley Testerman: TA and Shirley both continue in their medical struggles. Thank all of you who have supported them in the loss of their granddaughter. Samantha who passed away recently.

Bill Testerman: Even though his foot is beginning to heal, Bill continues to have problems with the broken bones in his toes.  Pray for the continued healing that only the Lord can accomplish for his foot. Also; ask that God's will be done for Bill, according to  His perfect timing. He is doing about the same at the present time.

Sebert Testerman: Even though Sebert was been diagnosed with lung cancer. He is 88 years old and has declined any type of treatment, and when the doctor was asked about how much it was affecting him, he said without the further tests that could be given he could not make any determination as to how things would go in his life. Bill has his good days and his bad days. Pray that God's will be done for him according to the timing and the might of God in his life. Continue to pray for Sebert as his health wanes.

Kim Lee: We thank God for answered prayer. Even though Kim has struggled with afflictions, she is doing much better now. Kim is attending church off and on with her daughter Lindsay, and son David. Also; Kim was encouraged even the more this week with the return of her old job at General Dynamics's  So let us pray that God will bless and strengthen Kim that she might draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ in a lasting relationship.

Daniel Fritts: We thank God that Daniel's knee surgery is doing very well and he is doing well in his recovery. What a blessing for Dan, and we thank God for Dan and Maggie who are faithful members at SFSBC and that our Lord continues to bless and use both of them according to His will. We thank both of them for being a blessing at church and trusting in the Lord for all their needs. Asking the Lord to bless these folks and there continued part in the ministry at Shenandoah Farms SBC. 

Dorothy Rooks: The favorite aunt of our friend and sister in Christ, Maggie Fritts, is 81 years old, and is suffering from a broken hip. She is doing very well and is in the Nursing Home recovering. God is great and we pray for her well being in the loving hands of our Lord in heaven. What ever happens we ask him to grant Aunt Dot His loving favor. 

Hannah Richardson: We thank God that since the surgery, Hannah is recovering very well. That the success of the surgery might afford Hannah the ability to walk correctly. She has now been given the opportunity to walk using and ankle brace. Pray that this in due time will not be required so that she can walk correctly.Continue to pray that the healing will take place soon and according to God's  perfect will.

Linda Mullins: Pleas continue to pray for the Mullins family for their loss. Pray that all those who are close to Linda will be comforted by God's hand, and that His peace which is above all peace be with them.

Margret Christian: Margret underwent the colon surgery and has began her road to recovery. She was required to use a colostomy attachment, and now the doctor has said that she has progressed far enough that it can be removed, and the family is waiting for the surgery to remove it. Continue to pray for Margret, giving God the glory honor and praise that He is worthy of.

Neelam Salamat: The mother of Aliza Salamat from Pakistan, she has stomach cancer, and we pray that she will be able to receive treatment, and that the power of our prayers would encourage her. Pray for God's will to be done in her life. At this time we are waiting the results of the last two tests that they be found negative if this be God's will for her life.

Dave Melander: Dave has been appointed interim Pastor until the church selects the Pastor to be the permanent Pastor at SFSBC Let God's will be done for Dave and his wife Jan, Dave is attending his ordination ceremony this afternoon at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Manassas, VA. We ask God to bless Dave and strengthen him as he prepares for a mission trip in August to Ecuador.

Lester and Ms. Lottie Horton: Ms. Lottie is struggling quite a bit now and stays in the bed most of the time. Lester needs both our prayers and encouragement, since he finds it difficult to care for Ms. Lottie by himself. Continue to pray for the Lord to comfort the two of them in their needs.

John & Katie Calabrese: Katie is seeking prayer for her husband John who is unsaved. We pray that God would open his eyes to the fact that he needs Christ Jesus as his Savior.

David Baldwin: A young man of 27 years of age, with virtually a new wife, and a small son, who has been diagnosed with MS, and at this time is questioning the Lord, saying, Why me? We pray that God would open his eyes and turn him to himself, and let him be reminded that Jesus Christ will never leave him, nor forsake him, and that if he puts Himself in the hands of He who opened the eyes of the blind, healed the lame, and made the deaf to hear! He is also the Lord God who can carry David through with this struggle that he is enduring.
So we pray that it would be that God would bring to his understanding that all things will work for good for those who love God. AMEN.

Bonnie Cook: A devoted mother and Pre-School teacher has developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. We ask for prayers that God will grant her strength as she struggles with such a debilitating disease. Bonnie was at church this morning and was doing well.

Johanna Wright: Johanna's back and hip are doing much better, and we can only thank God for this healing. Pray that God's will be accomplished in her life and that His perfect will be done, for there are other battles that are going on in her life. .

Randy Miller: Let us continue in prayer that the aneurysm that Randy has stays stable. However; Randy's potassium level in his blood and it is affecting his kidneys with and infection that could be life threating. Sadly to say that Phoebe his wife has come down with some bad results from a colonospy that she had the other day, and we will share the news with you ASAP. Until then keep both Randy and Phoebe in prayer that God's grace and mercy be felt in their lives.
No new updates for either of them this week.
Richard Theimer: As reported by his son Paul, he is doing well now since they removed the tumor from his brain. We can only thank God for these blessings. Continue to pray for Richard that God will strengthen him according to his needs and the will of God for him.
Bill Durko: Since Bill began his long road to recovery, he has made great strides,, he is now walking and getting around very well. We thank the Lord for His blessing, and continue to pray that the family can find peace in God's presence and that they seek the Lord in all that they do and say. No new updates.

Sally Willingham: Sally who is doing well will share her next update at the end of the month. Let us continue to pray for God to give Sally strength in all that she needs , and that she stays cancer free. Sally had her annual mama gram this past week and it had nothing to show, we thank God for good news. Continue to pray for good reports for the doctor and that the cancer is now gone for good.
Patrick "Pat" Kimball: Has just gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the first stage of Lung Cancer. Even though his chemotherapy treatments went well the doctors are not willing to day the cancer is in remission because of the type cancer that he has. We ask that you pray for him, asking God to pour out is grace and mercy on him for his healing, and that God will comfort his wife Cathy and their four children.

Larry Marshall: Larry is suffering from cancer of the lymphoma glands. After the last chemotherapy treatment, Larry continues to do well in the hopes that he will become cancer free. We ask for prayer for Larry, and that God's will be done according to the treatment and the healing of this cancer. Larry is holding his on, and we pray that God's will be done for him.

Ronald Teachey: Has completed his chemotherapy treatment for his cancer, and is doing well. When he goes back next month we will know if all of the cancer was wiped out. Please keep him and his family in prayer, praying that God's will be done in all of these problems that he is incurring. 
Clayton and Doris Johnston: Clayton is suffering from the first stages of dementia, and it is hard for Doris. We have learned that Clayton's  eye surgery went very well and that he will be able to go back on Aug 4th for a new prescription for his eye glasses. . As she has been going through some difficulties, and it is found that she has A fib, a heart condition along with a Mitral Value Prolapse that requires constant medications for the value and blood thinners to keep everything open so she will not be subject to a stroke. So pray that she is able to stand up to this challenge in her life. We ask the Lord to watch over Clayton and her, and that His perfect will be done in there life.Along with Doris, we are thankful to report that a biopsy that was taken from a spot on her was benign. Also; Doris asks for continued prayer for her three old grandson Nolan who is using eye drops at this time to help with his recovery. Also; Clayton's eye surgery is coming up soon, so continue to keep Him in prayer that it will go well.
Ora Bullock: A wonderful godly friend for many years is now bedridden, with a cracked hip, is struggling because she don't get the help that she needs, and does not want to go to the Nursing Home, but soon she will have to make a choice. So we ask God that in His perfect will, will show her the pathway that He has planned for her. Continue to pray that God's strength be renewed in her each day.
Barbara Carbaugh: Barbara was at church today, and we enjoyed the fellowship that we had. She is doing very well and we ask the Lord to be with her each day.

Ann Ritter:  Ms. Ann was not at church today. Even though she has a way to go with her back she is in good spirits. Ann has a tumor in her small intestine near where the cancer was in 2009, the doctors have yet to establish that it is a cancer. We pray that the Lord would intercede in the diagnosis for the doctor, and that  it will not be cancerous. May God watch over her, and bring to her the fulfillment of His will for her life.
Helen Stanley: Helen has confirmed that the doctor said that the lung cancer she had several years ago. has returned.  Let us pray for whatever treatment the doctors would prescribe it will be the right one, and that the Lord strengthen Helen.  Also: Let us remember her brother Elvis who is lost and along with having a bad heart. Continue to pray for Helen and her brother Elvis who continues to have difficulty breathing. Let God's will be done for our sister Helen that His hand, would be the hand that gives her strength.

Ronnie Stanley: Ronnie continues to have problem with his breathing. But the mass that Ronnie has been dealing with is considered to be non-cancerous. Pray for God to guide their diagnosis in whatever it may be, and that he will receive the proper treatment, and that God's will be done, praying also for his salvation.

James Blansett: Cousin to Helen Stanley has Lung cancer, along with congestive heart failure is having a difficult time dealing with these ailments, and especially since the doctor told him he only had six months to live and that has been a year ago, As we pray for James, let us remember that our God is in control, and no one knows what His will is for James other than Him. Let us pray that in all these things those who love and care for him find peace and comfort through the power of our Lord. Let us ask God that along with the difficulties that he has with breathing that God who is in control will bless him with the things that he has need of to include his salvation.

William McFall: Is a  diabetic who had an amputation of his leg on Friday. He seems to be doing well since the surgery. We pray that in this struggle that he will not let it get the best of him, but turn to the Lord in all things, to heal him body and mind, and that all those around him continue to lift him up in prayer daily.

Debbie Tucker: It seems as if the doctors have had second thoughts concerning the knee replacement surgery for Debbie. Because of Debbie's contributing health factors she is experiencing weakness in her lower body from weakness of her knees, legs and ankle bones.   Her new appointment with the doctor is on the 30th of this month. So continue to pray for Debbie that no matter what happens in her life that she will seek only the perfect will of God to carry her through.

Angie Stevens: Our friend and sister in Christ was at church today. We pray that as Angie faces the difficulties that diabetes brings, that the strength of the Lord empower her to be strong during these struggles. Pray that God will comfort her during this time of need.

Don Ross: We lift this young man up to our Lord in prayer because of a caring, and loving mother who knows that he may have to return to prison for a parole. Let us ask God for His favor, that he would seek the salvation of the Lord and  that what ever comes of the hearing in August, that he would stand up calling on God to enable him to bear with the consequences of what the Parole Board decides. that he will find strength through the presence of the Lord in his life.  

Grace Cain: A dear friend and sister in Christ, had a car accident yesterday that cause her car to be a total loss, but the thank God that even though Grace received some bumps and bruises, along with a swolen knee, nothing is broken and she should be well in a while, we ask that you lift grace up that she might feel God's presence as He guides her healing.

To everyone who reads these posts, and prays for all who are on the Prayer List, let them rejoice in the Lord and give to Him the praise that His name is deserving of. For God is good, and He is good all the time. AMEN.
Also; It is my hope and prayer that if anyone of you, who are facing difficulties in your life, that no matter what, you will put your hope and trust in the Lord, letting His name be praised. And for those who don't know Him as there Savior, let them seek His face that they be saved, strengthened, and redeemed, by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN. 
To God be the Glory. We thank God for each bit of good news for the people on the prayer list. We know that His presence has endowed the Doctors to know and make the wise decisions that cover the treatments for each one on the prayer list and all others who are facing afflictions in their lives, and we know that God is at work in each of the lives on the prayer list granting them a part of His infinite grace and continuing to bless the doctors with the knowledge and wisdom that they need so that they can share with us the very best that we are granted, the best of care by the grace and mercies of our Lord.
I thank the Lord for each bit of good news that we   receive for each person, and the changes that have occurred  in each of their lives. I also thank the Lord for His presence with us whether in life or death, because we know that in all things the will of God is perfect. AMEN.
Let this be a special prayer for our nation, that our leaders, no matter who they are, that they will be convicted through the righteousness of God's word, and be reminded that the Lord is Master over  all things  and that they would understand that He is the one who has given them authority to govern the people of this Nation. And let this be not for political leaders only, but all leaders; Spiritual, Business, Military, and all those who serve that they will seek the Lord. Also; Let it be known that as Christians and citizens we should be setting an example for others to see and follow, so that we can have a truly God fearing, God following relationship with God for our country once again. AMEN.
Continue to proclaim the name of Jesus all throughout the year, that He be lifted up. For Jesus has said; If we confess Him before men, He will confess us before His Father who is in heaven. And if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before His Father who is in heaven. Matthew 10: 32,33; In all these things, let us give God the glory. AMEN.
Remember this page is for anyone who is suffering or having problems that you would like prayer for. Or if you have a praise report thanking God, for a blessing for your life or someone you know, we will be glad to add it in. Just plan on getting the requests in by Fridays if at all possible, and I will do my best to see that they are added on the following weeks  prayer list beginning on Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Leonard A. Young
Administrator and Editor
The Gospel Ministry Prayer List.
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