Joining in prayer with the One who is able to bring healing to those in need.
James 5: 16; "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. " NKJV.
Apr. 12, 2014:
Our Prayer: Heavenly Father: Thank you so much for the opportunity to worship before you, and to be blessed with your presence. We know that you are the giver and sustainer of all things in the heavens and unearth. We thank You for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ who loved us and died for us that we might be called children of the Living God. We know that You are aware of every petition and request that is made of You, and every need that all the peoples and  nations have. We ask You that You consider our petitions for healing and recovery according to Your will for each person that we bring before You. We know that You, who sees the circumstances of all of us, and who pours out Your grace and mercy on us with many blessings that none of us are worthy of. We thank you so much for that everlasting kindness and love that You have for all of Your children. And we thank You for each beautiful day that You allow each of us, to share the many blessings that You supply, so let us rejoice in this day that You have given us by honoring You in all that we do. May Your name be praised forever and Your will redone for all of those we have lifted up to You. We ask all these things in the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
As each of you who reads the prayer list. Please take a moment to look at each name and lift them up to the Lord. We know that He hears our prayers, for His compassion and healing, and it just might be the one that our Lord is waiting to hear from a caring and gentle heart that has compassion for others. Along with the prayers for those who are struggling, we have good news for some on the list and sad news for others. Please read over the prayer list and pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and for those who live in the darkness of the world that His will be done and all things come about in His perfect timing.
Paul Collins: Paul continues to face the problems with both kidneys and liver.  Not only is the dialysis required three times a week. Because of new medication to help with his liver.Also; Concerning his diabetes, the blood circulating is very poor, and the only way to help  is to lie down when his legs bother him. Please continue to pray that God's will be done for all of his ailments, and that God deals with him concerning his salvation. No updates on his condition or on the hope of salvation for him. Their are no changes or anything new to add to Paul's condition.
Art and Carolyn Patton continue to battle the medical problems that they have endured for so long. However; Art and Carolyn are doing good. Also; Art continues to do well with the dialysis, and Carolyn's cancer is  in remission, let us just praise the Lord. Please continue in prayer for there well being, and that the Lord's hand toward them be filled with His continued blessing for them and their family. Art and Carolyn appreciates your prayers, so just keep lifting them up They are doing very well.
Tom & Betty Johnson: Tom seems to be doing well. Betty is doing much better. Walking on her on again and getting stronger. The virus came back a bit, and they caught it with the antibiotics before it got to far alone. As of the last update, Betty is supposed be released and return home tomorrow.  Pray that the power and peace of God will continue to comfort her during her struggle.  Keep Tom in prayer for he needs his strength so that he can be a calming assurance to Betty during this ordeal. Pray for the family that they be strong during this battle.
Don Young: Founder and Head of the hands of Hope ministry in Winchester continues to battle sickness that was caused by migraines that have troubled him for four years. Still the doctors have found no cure. Don battles the difficulties with a strong determination. For all of you who know and love him, give him a call, or a text letting him know that your thinking of him. Let us continue to thank the Lord who has enabled him to keep up with the ministry (Hands of Hope), that the Lord has blessed him and Sherry with and continue in prayer that the doctors find what has been troubling him for so long, and bring wellness to him and relief from the devastating illness that he deals with each day. We continue to pray that God's will be done for him, and what ever comes, we know that it will be according to the Lord.
Michael and Jess Kenney: Let us pray that God will guide the family of Michael and Jess, and that He would turn their hearts toward Him, that they might come to the knowledge of the Lord, and that along with the children they will seek His name for their salvation.

Howard McDonald: Please lift Howard up in prayer for and unspoken request.  For the problems that he has endured because of his kidneys, knees, shoulder. Continue to keep Howard in your prayers, for God's will to be done and healing as the Lord will allow. No new updates.
Layne Foley: Please continue in prayer for Layne's salvation. Layne's; even though his heart has not increased in strength was well enough to talk to his Mom again this week for about ten minutes on the phone this week, but it still remains the same concerning his health, that unless he receives a heart transplant the doctors have said that he needs, that he is in the Lord's hands. And for all believing Christians we know that he has and continues to be in the Lord's hands. We pray that the will of God be done for Him and not that of his own. Pray that God in His perfect way will open the heart and the eyes of Layne to His mighty presence. Making him realize that he needs Jesus as his Savior. Let us continue to pray for God's strength to hold him until they find a donor or that God would heal him. Layne's condition continues to be about the same, no ups or downs, and please pray for his mother Loretta Collins who is the wife of Paul who is a diabetic, and is on the list for a kidney, and the two of them are in a struggle for their lives, and she needs prayers to encourage and support her. Layne and his wife Dee Dee where able to travel to Louisiana to visit with their grandchildren.
Robbie Foley: Robbie is having problems with the two lower vertebrae in his spine and is going to see a neurosurgeon. Robbie continues to wait on the appointment with neurosurgery to see what they will recommend for his back.  Pray that Robbie would seek the Lord for His will to be done, and for his salvation. Nothing new concerning his appointment.
Melanie Foley, God has blessed Melanie in that she is doing as good as can be expected. Her heart problems are lessening, but she has some dental problems, that are causing her to have a lot of difficulties, and they will not work on them because of her heart.  Please pray that she can find a doctor who will work on her teeth and overcome those  problems, along with all of the difficulties that she is enduring. Mel had her last chemo treatment for the skin cancer on Thursday and it seems to be doing very well.
Jack Wampler: Pastor Jack is feeling much better, he was at morning worship service and has his ongoing problems, but he is in good spirits.  Even though Jack is no longer the Pastor, and we are looking for a new one, he continues to be an important part of the SFSBC. Let us pray for Pastor Jack that throughout his latter years that he will receive a reward of rest and fulfillment for the many years that he has stood before the Lord as Pastor at SFSBC.
Polly Wampler Polly is struggling with some of the physical ailments that comes with age. Please continue in prayer that  Polly finds strength in the presence of God for her life each day for the things she is in need of. as she waits for God's  will to be done. 
Lane Dezan:  We thank God for his good health, and we also thank the Lord that his diabetes is mostly under control as much as it can be. So pray that Lane will be able to find more time away from work, to spend with his brothers and sisters in Christ in the House of God.   

St. Jude’s Hospital: Let us not cease to pray for the children at St Jude's and the families that are there with their children and the treatments that their children are in need of. We thank God for His blessings and all of the prayers that you lift up for each one of the children at St. Jude's. For those doctors, nurses and care givers who work at St Jude's are a blessing that God has provided for His little ones. Let us always remember these little ones in our prayers.
Karen Stafford: We thank God that the healing treatment of the stomach cancer does not require surgery and that it is being done according to the will of God concerning Karen.
Nicole Melvin:  Nicole is doing very well considering that the doctors recommended that she have surgery for the brain tumor, and having chosen to forgo the surgery and leave these things in God's hand she is doing well at this time. Please continue to pray for Nicole that whatever God would bring to pass that she will seek all things according to His will and not the will of man. She is doing well at this time.

Peggy Butler Considering all the difficulty that  Peggy has had concerning the cancers that troubled her, she is doing very well. Pray that Peggy will be able to deal with these things, through the strength of the Lord in her life. Continue in prayer for her that God's perfect will be done.
Jennifer and Nora Collins: Both sisters continue to battle their respective cancers. Sadly to say that Jennifer's cancer has spread to all parts of her body. Also; That their father has also been diagnosed with colon cancer. Please continue to keep the entire family in prayer, and that God will keep watch over them while the doctors attempt to find a treatment that will work.
Pam Morrison, who works at the Warren  County Registrar's Office is troubled by back and neck pains. Pray that God's will be done for her in her struggle against these difficulties.  No new updates as of today.
Armed Forces of the USA: Let our prayers be lifted up for all of the remaining members of the Armed Forces who remain in service to our country, that no matter where they are that they be strengthened by the presence of Holy God in their lives. Also;; Pray that  the Chaplains be strong in proclaiming the Holy Scriptures, even though they are being told not to preach in the name of Jesus for fear of offending someone from another religion. Pray that they be like the Apostles Peter and John when they had to face the synagogue leaders in Jerusalem that they will preach and teach in the name of Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father in Heaven and for the well being of all our soldiers.

Steve, Carol, and Ted Williams and family: Ted has been put on a new medication that seems to be helping with his motor functions. However; The medication that he is taking has caused him a bit of agitation, that happens and disrupts his work, and this is not good. Our brother Steve is back in VA again, and was at church today.  However Carol will not be back until sometime in June. Also; Please keep Steve's sister, (Betty Fiske) in prayer, for she has been diagnosed with MESOTHELIOMA, a dangerous and deadly cancer, and is not doing well because it has affected both her lungs and throat. She took her first chemotherapy treatment this past Tuesday, and along with having a case of pneumonia she is not doing well.  We ask that you keep Steve Carol and their family in prayer. And that God in His perfect timing and will, grant them rest and comfort, returning them to us in His perfect timing.
Ray McKorkle: Ray; When it came time for the second surgery on his bladder they treated him with radiation pills, and he took his last treatment on Thursday.  Please keep Ray in your prayers, remembering that he is the hands of the Lord, and that what will be done will be according to His perfect timing and will.
Jr. Wetsill: Continues in need of prayer for the difficulties in his life. Difficulties that come on us as we grow older in life. Now we have learned that his eyesight is failing. Pray for the Hand of God to be with Him in these hard times.

Hilda Bowman: Ms. Hilda Is doing much better these days, she continues with  her regular routine of coming and going as she needs to. We enjoyed Ms. Hilda's company at the chapel service on Friday morning. We also thank God for her daughter Betty who cares for her very much and attends to her needs their at Heritage Hall. Please continue in prayer, that God's will be done as she goes through the healing process from the cancer surgery.
Bob Smallwood: Bob has suffered with Diabetes and Lukeminia for quite sometime. He is in the hospital this week and had a stint put into his leg to help his circulation, we now know that Bob is being required to go back to the hospital once more and have an additional toe removed, and we cannot be sure that an additional surgery will not be required.   We ask for prayers for Bob and that God's will be done in his life.

Lila E. Eaton: It is reported that Ms Lila is in good spirits. Personally I've never known her not to be in good spirits, even when she is having difficulties, she always has a way of bringing a smile to ones face. I'm sure she would welcome your phone calls. 1-540-837-2814. No matter what please keep her in prayer. 

Audrey Corbett: She is doing well, and we surely do miss her as a regular participant at church.  However; At this time it doesn't appear that  Ms. Audrey will be returning to Front Royal, We hope that it does come to pass, but until then please drop her a line at the following address. This is her new address and phone # if you have the opportunity to drop her a note or give her a call.   351 Hickory Drive, Luray, VA. 22835. Or call at 540-843-0928  Take a moment or two this week to give Ms. Audrey a call, I'm sure she will enjoy it.
TA and Shirley Testerman: TA is doing very good. However; Shirley is once again having the ongoing problem with her back, legs and as a result of the sleep test she has received the CPAP to use to help with this problem.  We know that as she struggles with her afflictions that she asks that God's will be  done. Continue to keep them in prayer for their well being.  Haven't been able to learn as of yet what the results of the sleep study test was.
Matthew Testerman: Matthew who had to undergo a second surgery after his accident because of infection is doing very well. So we ask that each one pray for God's will to be done in this young man's life.

Kim Lee: We thank God for answered prayer. Even though Kim has struggled with afflictions. Kim is attending church off and on with her daughter Lindsay, and son David. We thank God that it was her son and daughter who got her to go back to church with them and we pray that He will use them again to encourage their mother. We also pray Lord that you will make a way for  Lindsay, and David, to attend a spirit filled church that they may grow in the grace of God. No updates for this week.

Daniel Fritts: The difficulty with Daniels knees brought him to the decision to have the kneecap replaced, and the surgery will be on May 4th. We thank God for past successes, and we pray for success in this one, and that God's perfect will be done in this one as it has been in the past surgeries that Daniel underwent. We thank God for Dan and Maggie who are faithful members of the SFSBC and that our Lord continues to bless and use both of them according to His will. We thank both of them for being a blessing at church and trusting in the Lord for all their needs.

Hannah Richardson: This surgery that Hannah had on Wednesday was such a great success that the doctors believe that it was corrected well enough that she will not have to go through another surgery. We pray and thank God for the awesome blessing in this ordeal this young lady had to go through. Let us pray thanking and praising the Lord for the success and that she will gain faith in the power of God's  presence in her life. Continue to pray that the healing will take place soon and according to God's will.

Margret Christian: Margret underwent the surgery for the colon cancer this past Wednesday. Let our prayers be that the doctor's were successful, and that the hand of our Lord be with Margret during  the forthcoming recovery.

Calvin Brownlow: Continue to prayer for Calvin, that He will listen and hear God's voice as to what to do with his life. Whether it be on his job or in the ministry.

Dave Melander: Dave has been appointed interim Pastor until the church selects the Pastor to be the permanent Pastor at SFSBC. Let God's will be done for Dave and his wife Jan. Dave continued today in Philippians 2, concerning the steps that Christ went through to bring salvation to mankind. How He stepped down from the glory that he had with the Father, becoming full man and God that He might fulfill the requirements for our salvation.

Lester and Ms. Lottie Horton: Sadly to say that Ms. Lottie is not doing very well. I spoke with Lester and he tells me that he must now consider placing Ms. Lottie in the Nursing Home.  Continue to pray for God's blessings to be with them each day, and that if possible they find someone to give them a hand. continue to ask the Lord to bless and renew them each day. 

Miles Robinson; Miles was at church today, and came forth asking for prayers for many who are on the prayer list, and for himself and the family. Let us continue  to pray for the attendance of Miles and family to be consistent.

Mary Thomas: Mary has recovered from her back injury that she sustained in a fall and is doing very well. Continue to keep her in prayer.
Johanna Pangle: Johanna struggles with a nervous condition called Piriformis Syndrome. She is a very energetic young women who loves the Lord. Pray for an unspoken request concerning her family.  Pray that God's will be accomplished in her life and that His perfect will be done.
Jim and April Smith: Sad to say, but the report on our brother is not good today, And it was reported at church today that Hospice Care has been brought in to care for our brother.  Whatever the burden, please continue to lift April up in prayer as she deals with this heavy burden. We pray and ask that the Lord bless the two of them, and that God's will be done concerning the cancer that Jim has, and that; "the peace of God that surpasses all understanding" be with Jim and April during these last days.
Randy Miller: Let us continue in prayer that the angurism that Randy has stays stable.  Let us continue in prayer thanking God that he spared Randy through His marvelous grace, and that Randy  would walk strongly and faithfully in the sight of God. Nothing new to report.
Richard Theimer:  Let us ask that God's hand be on Richard as he endures the struggle that goes on in his body, and that God's will be done. For to do less than to trust in God at a time like this would be foolishness on those who hold him close to their hearts. Continue to pray for the strength that only our Father in Heaven can provide. His son Paul shared with us that he is about the same, not improving or getting worse. Nothing new to update.
Bill Durko: Since Bill began his long road to recovery, he has made great strides,, he is now walking and getting around very well. We thank the Lord for His blessing, and continue to pray that the family can find peace in God's presence and that Bill along with them  endure during this trying time. No new updates.
Sally Willingham: Now as time goes by let us continue to pray that Sally will remain cancer free, and that out Lord will keep it from returning. Let us pray for God to give Sally strength as her recovery goes forward. 
Patrick "Pat" Kimball: Has just gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the first stage of Lung Cancer. Since these treatments where completed we are happy to say that Pat is experiencing a bit of wellness.  We ask that you pray for him, asking God to pour out is grace and mercy on him for his healing, and that God will comfort his wife Cathy and their four children. Hoping to get and update ASAP

Larry Marshall: Larry is suffering from cancer of the lymphoma glands. We know that after going through his third chemo treatment, that Larry is doing will.We ask for prayer for Larry, and that God's will be done according to the treatment and the healing of this cancer.

Ronald Teachey: Has and enlarged petulatary gland and is undergoing treatment for this condition. We know that he is doing well since they started the treatments. Please keep him and his family in prayer, praying that God's will be done in all of these problems that he is incurring.
Clayton and Doris Johnston: Clayton is suffering from the first stages of dementia, and it is hard for Doris. As she has been going through some difficulties, and it is found that she as an A fib of the heart along with a Mitral Value Prolapse that requires constant medications for the value and blood thinners to keep everything open so she will not be subject to a stroke. So pray that she is able to stand up to this challenge in her life. We ask the Lord to watch over Clayton and her, and that His perfect will be done in there life.    
Ora Bullock: A wonderful godly friend for many years is now bedridden, with a cracked hip, and the doctors have yet to determined on the course of action they will take, partly because of her age. Her children who should be caring for her as much as possible, seem to have drawn away. We ask God that in His perfect will, will show her the pathway that He has planned for her. Continue to pray that God's strength be renewed in her each day.
Barbara Carbaugh: Missed you again today at church we pray that all is well and that we see you again soon. May God bless you each day.

Ann Ritter:  Ms. Ann underwent the surgery for the stint implacement on Wednesday, and that whe is a bit under the weather. But this is to be expected with a surgery of this nature. However; we pray that Ms Ann, just like Ms. Barbara who always brings a bright and sunny atmosphere to the church, we pray that God will bring then back to us soon.
Helen Stanley: After a more in depth study was done on the CT scan. Let us pray for whatever treatment the doctors would prescribe it will be the right one, and that the Lord strengthen Helen for what lies ahead whether it be cancer or not. Also: Let us remember her brother Elvis who is lost and along with that has a bad heart. No updates to share with you.

Debbie Tucker: It seems as if the doctors have had second thoughts concerning the knee replacement surgery for Debbie.  So continue to pray for Debbie that no matter what the doctors decide that they would seek the wisdom of God, and that God's perfect will be done.  

To everyone who reads these posts, and prays for all who are on the Prayer List, let them rejoice in the Lord and give to Him the praise that His name is deserving of. For God is good, and He is good all the time. AMEN.
Also; It is my hope and prayer that if anyone of you, who are facing difficulties in your life, that no matter what, you will put your hope and trust in the Lord, letting His name be praised. And for those who don't know Him as there Savior, let them seek His face that they be saved, strengthened, and redeemed, by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN. 
To God be the Glory. We thank God for each bit of good news for the people on the prayer list. We know that His presence has endowed the Doctors to know and make the wise decisions that cover the treatments for each one on the prayer list and all others who are facing afflictions in their lives, and we know that God is at work in each of the lives on the prayer list granting them a part of His infinite grace and continuing to bless the doctors with the knowledge and wisdom that they need so that they can share with us the very best that we are granted  the best of care by the grace and mercies of our Lord.
I thank the Lord for each bit of good news that we   receive for each person, and the changes that have occurred  in each of their lives. I also thank the Lord for His presence with us whether in life or death, because we know that in all things the will of God is perfect. AMEN.
Let this be a special prayer for our nation, that our leaders, no matter who they are, that they will be convicted through the righteousness of God's word, and be reminded that the Lord is Master over  all things  and that they would understand that He is the one who has given them authority to govern the people of this Nation. And let this be not for political leaders only, but all leaders; Spiritual, Business, Military, and all those who serve that they will seek the Lord. Also; Let it be known that as Christians and citizens we should be setting an example for others to see and follow, so that we can have a truly God fearing, God following relationship with God for our country once again. AMEN.
Continue to proclaim the name of Jesus all throughout the year, that He be lifted up. For Jesus has said; If we confess Him before men, He will confess us before His Father who is in heaven. And if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before His Father who is in heaven.  In all these things, let us give God the glory. AMEN.
Remember this page is for anyone who is suffering or having problems that you would like prayer for. Or if you have a praise report thanking God, for a blessing for your life or someone you know, we will be glad to add it in. Just plan on getting the requests in by Fridays if at all possible, and I will do my best to see that they are added on the following weeks  prayer list beginning on Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Leonard A. Young
Administrator and Editor
The Gospel Ministry Prayer List.
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